BILT ATLX is primarily a mindset brand revolving around "athleisure" apparel.   The company was founded in Boston, MA in 2018 by Giovanni Scandone and Alex Johnson.  It's primary headquarters is still in Boston, with a satellite location in Scottsdale, AZ.  To explain the BILT Story, we will start with our "WHY?".  We will then explain the "HOW?", and then finally the "WHAT?".



There are thousands of clothing lines & brands out there, so why BILT?  Our reason is simple, and has little to do with our high quality clothing... Rather, our reasoning is based on the two underlying words that sum up our entire brand: BECOME BILT. This idea represents a mindset that very few people possess, and we want to bring those people together as a community (while recruiting & motivating new people as well).  Becoming BILT represents the idea of having a vision and waking up each day with a granular plan to get there. It also represents the idea of mindfulness and executing consistently. At BILT, we want to articulate that idea through our brand, and give our community a common ground through our products. 

"We wanted to create a brand that people could relate to and find a sense of belonging..."



We plan on achieving this through marketing & advertising our products to every segment of the market.  We have no specific target market, because the idea we represent is simply an intangible state of mind.  We are not niche to fitness competitors, entrepreneurs, athletes, fighters, or anyone else... but rather just the "mental elite" amongst each (plus more) of these groups.  We plan on producing a quality product and advertising it to the general public, letting people decide for themselves if our product resonates with who they are as a person. The people who understand this concept will likely find a deep sense of belonging with our brand... and use our clothing line as a way to express their inner mindset.  Our products will be the common ground that bring people together, and allow BILT individuals to propel each other towards their goals. 



The "what?" is our high quality "athleisure" clothing line.   Our roots lie in fitness, so you might sense a hint of "athletic apparel" dominance in our portfolio... but we do our best to diversify and provide a variety of "casual wear" as well.  "Athleisure" is the best term to describe our main product portfolio, and is ultimately a sporty clothing style that you can wear during a workout or casually around town.  Everything we put out is designed by our BILT team in Boston, and printed in the USA.



Although the BILT logo may seem simplistic, it actually has a deeper story than one might think.  The original logo was based on the mindfulness symbol .  Mindfulness is the idea of being completely present with the current moment, and not getting stuck in the past or future. 

We also incorporated an eye in the logo to represent visualization, but later replaced that with a star to represent "keeping your eye on the prize".  

These two concepts combined basically encompass the entire idea of becoming BILT:

  1. Create a vision
  2. Create granular goals around that vision
  3. Constantly keep your eye on that prize when you go to sleep and wake up
  4. Stay mindful throughout the day and be completely present. Tackle the task at hand and be consistent.
  5. Become BILT